Review: Anca Eyewear

Hey babes!

I must confess, I was planning to do this review months ago but of course, life things happened and I ended up way too busy for my own good.

But here it is, my review of the company Anca Eyewear!

I ordered the Penelope sunglasses, using the spring code at the time, however, the retail price is $18.00 and currently on sale for $15.00 at the moment! Flat rate shipping in Australia is $3.50 and has a 1-4 business day shipping time in metro areas.

The site is beautifully laid out, easy to navigate (which is something I LOVE) and the range of designs available is outstanding!


                                                                ANCA’s home page and shop page.

Making an account and checking out was super simple too.

I ordered these early Christmas time which meant shipping just goes awol (you can pay for express shipping and still not get them for like 2 weeks sometimes) so I knew that these wouldn’t be incredibly immediate. The company had no involvement with any kind of slow shipping, it was just incredibly bad luck.

As time went on and they hadn’t heard from me, I got an email asking if I had received my order, I explained what happened and that I completely understood that with Christmas coming around there was no bad feelings about my purchase.

A few days went by and still no item, I was still keeping in contact with ANCA and was told they would look into this with Australia Post to see where it was and that very day, it arrived.

When I received the item I was absolutely blown away by the quality. In a way, I was slightly expecting a low-quality item but instead, I received a product I was incredibly impressed with.


The arms of the sunglasses are incredibly sturdy, the nose pads aren’t ones that just move around constantly and has UV400 protection (which is super important!).
The only ‘flaw’ per-say is that sometimes the sunlight can get behind the lenses through the sides of the glasses, but that was something I should have taken into consideration.

So, would I buy from ANCA eyewear again? It’s safe to say I definitely will. Their customer service was amazing, their products were outstanding and personally, I can’t think of a flaw!

If you’d just like to have a look around at their super frickin’ gorgeous site, clickhere.

If you’d like to buy the Penelope sunglasses, you can find themhere


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