Colour By TBN

Today I was on a mission, to finally get around to painting the almost talons I applied to myself and quickly realised almost every polish I had ended up with little to no coverage after even 2 coats.

I’ve had the Colour polishes for quite a while but never really reached for them since, to be honest, I had no faith in a polish I bought for like $3.

However, as most people know, I’m a sucker for the colour grey and couldn’t resist.


It’s safe to say that my faith in the polish completely changed, the pigmentation of the polish is absolutely unbelievable with a fast drying time of around 5-10 minutes which is something I personally think is incredibly important (I’m clumsy as hell).

Also, I apologise for the fact the painting is god awful, but to be honest I avoid painting them for a reason…that is that reason.

I bought these polishes from my local Discount Drugstore but I’m sure they’re available online and in other stores!


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