Chunky & Funky

Now if you’ve even seen photos of me you know I’m not much of a jewelry girl.

Besides the obvious body piercings, modifications and an engagement ring, I’m not really someone who likes it.

I decided to head to my local Lovisa and check out some rings, necklaces, anything that I can get something just to bring me more into jewellery and kind of encourage a new obsession.

I know myself well enough to know I’ve definitely encouraged an addiction.

These three rings I purchased in a set ($12.99) were absolutely beautiful, obviously, as fashion jewellery, it’s not to be worn for a long period of time I bought some that were best to be worn as statement rings instead.

Maybe it’s my memory and I never found decent ones, but back in my day I remember fashion jewellery as the ones which break incredibly easy, turn your fingers a real funky green colour within an hour or so, so when I got told to look in a store which primarily sells fashion jewellery kind of scared me.

These are definitely not the case, they’re incredibly sturdy and actually quite heavy. They’ve got an absolutely gorgeous gold colour which while looking at gold I own, it’s actually really an accurate colour.

What do you guys think? Also, what’s your favourite way to add some flair to an outfit with jewellery? Let me know down below because I’m dying to know!

If you’d like to buy from Lovisa or check their site out, you can find it here.


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