Living My Best Life

Over the years I’ve not really been sure what I’ve wanted, as I’ve gotten older I’ve learnt that I do deserve ‘the best’. Now, when I say that I don’t mean “I deserve to be waited on” or “I deserve a really expensive house or item of some sort”, but I mean that I deserve the best of what I can give myself.

I’m someone who’s scared of new things, new opportunities but recently these have been coming up a lot more often and all of a sudden, something clicked.

I’ve come to realise that I deserve to be able to present myself in a way that I feel confident and be able to look good, I deserve to give myself the experience of living in a new country and I definitely deserve to be able to be happy!

2018 is the year for a new style, new opportunities and in a sense, a new me!

In somewhat celebration of this decision, expect some new content coming soon! ♡


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