5 Ways To Help With Self Love

In the age of the internet it’s really common to be scrolling through social media and think “Oh wow, they’re pretty! I want to look that good!” and honestly, to an extent that’s a great thing!

We’re able to see the beauty in other people and places of the world with a tap of a button but it seems we still do have one more problem, which is that we don’t seem to love ourselves as much.

I’m incredibly guilty of this too, I see some absolutely gorgeous girls on Instagram, Tumblr, etc and I always think “Wow, those girls look incredible! I’d love to look like that!” and when I think about it, it’s actually pretty upsetting.

Now, this isn’t the ‘Go-to, 100% guaranteed list of things to help you love yourself!” post because honestly, it’s different for different people, but here are some things I’ve come up with to encourage that self-love!

Find a playlist that makes you feel great!

derf (2)

Personally, I find music a good way to set my mood for the day and I’ve definitely noticed the types of music I listen to can have a huge impact on my moods. Of course, everyone has different tastes so go with what you love!

Give yourself time to relax!


Get those bath bombs and candles ready, we’re having a night of loving ourselves! (wait…that doesn’t sound right)

Have a night in where you bust a bottle of wine (if it’s legal, duh!), have a long bath and get in bed with a bunch of candles lit and some good old romantic comedies and chick flicks!

Just make sure you don’t drink too much wine and leave the candles lit, that’s dangerous.


Spoil yourself!



Who doesn’t love a shopping trip which ends up a little too costly? (besides your bank account balance) go out there and make yourself feel special! Like those clothes? buy them! Want your nails done? Go get them done! That foundation you’ve wanted for ages is now on sale? GIRL GET IT! Go change that hair colour if you want to!

Spoil yourself, you deserve it!

Write down some things you love about yourself!


I know this can be easier said than done, but it’s something that can actually really help when you need to look back on it! It doesn’t have to be appearance based, it can be anything!

You could love your nose, you could love that you read books, you could love your sense of style! All of those things are totally great to write down!


Do something you enjoy!



Doing something you love and enjoy is an absolutely great way to feel good about yourself! Whether it’s levelling up and finishing a quest line in a video game, taking some beautiful photos somewhere, it’s something you enjoy and can be proud of, giving you a great self-esteem boost!


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