DIY Fluffy Marabou Heels

Once again, it’s another super simple shoe DIY!

I kept seeing these gorgeous fluffy heels on fashion & luxury pages on Tumblr & Instagram but really struggled to find them in stores or reasonably priced online and that’s when I realised it’s time to DIY!

Of course, in typical Morgan fashion, I got the wrong type of heel and I also bought a shoe that doesn’t really look that similar, so it’s definitely more ‘inspired’!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A shoe, I used was the Halsey shoe by Pied A Terre, but if you want to be more authentic feel free to go for a chunky shoe
  • Matching Maraboa trimming (I tried incredibly hard to find a synthetic version but that also didn’t work out, didn’t have the best luck this DIY)
  • E6000 glue (you could probably use superglue but I’ve seen it burn through stuff, I don’t recommend it)

Step One – Measuring your trimming

Get your boa and measure it up to your shoe, leave a little extra just for safety!

Also, if you’ve got elastic on the side, make sure to not cover it too much, if you glue it down most likely you’re going to lose the stretch!

Step two – Gluing it down

I highly recommend making sure that you make sure you can find the ‘middle material’ as I call it of the boa, this is what you need to adhere to the strap of the shoe because if you just glue the feathers, you’re gonna find it falling off real quick! When doing this, make sure that you’re not getting loads of feathers in the way as well!

When gluing it down I recommend doing it in small portions one at a time, holding it down to make sure it’s completely adhered, if you rush it and do it too quick you may find that you’ll miss some spots or even just adhere the feathers and not the material inside.

lkjh Starting from the edge, start to glue down the boa in small parts, I’ve noticed if I did too much too quickly it just ended up                                                                                                                  really messy!

Also, if you decide to do the top and you’ve got little frills, I noticed that they’d show through the boa so I recommend that you trim them down!

Step three – Let it completely dry

Honestly, I have no real description for this step, just let it dry! I recommend leaving them over night but it’s completely up to you!

Step four – Just keep trimming!

For the last step, it’s a simple end! With a pair of scissors trim the areas which the boa will be close to the floor. You don’t want them so short that you can see where you’ve adhered the boa but you also don’t want it so long that you’ll easily slip! Find your happy medium!


And that’s it! We’re done!
Get out on the town and feel like Cher from Clueless, I know I sure did!

What do you guys think? Have you tried this out? Let me know down below!


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