Goodbye Stretched Lobes!

It’s the end of an era and after 7 years of stretched earlobes, I’ve decided to get reconstructive surgery.

I ended up getting my earlobes to 30mm by sticking to what I’d learnt, which actually went incredibly well, but the aftermath wasn’t as great and now here we are, saying goodbye to them!

I decided I’d give you a rundown on why I’ve decided to get rid of them since it probably does sound like a sudden change!

For me, they’re really problematic

This was more specifically when I had gotten to 30mm, I was completely fine at an inch and lower but for some reason, my earlobes just cannot handle the current size.

I was doing everything I could to keep my earlobes in the best shape possible, sleeping with them out, keeping them clean (obviously, smelly ear smell is AWFUL) and massaging them with jojoba oil, but it just seemed like nothing was helping my issues.

During my vacation/time away in December was when I had really started to consider closing them, the tunnels I had been wearing didn’t agree with my earlobes and I took it that they were just the wrong material for my body, so I changed them over and boy, that didn’t help at all.

Three months on and I’m in the same position, I’m constantly having issues with my earlobes being fine one day and the next day they’re difficult to even have jewellery in because it’s so uncomfortable, and I’m honestly just over it.

I want to be glammed up for my wedding

Now I know this is a really dumb reason for taking them out, but I was on a mission to get some beautiful plugs for my wedding day, I couldn’t find them and decided hey, I’ll DIY them!

I ended up making a pair of plugs which were absolutely gorgeous, even wrote a post about them (not sure if I’m posting it or not!) but I soon realised that ones for the wedding were just not going to happen.

Plugs available from stores/sellers weren’t what I wanted at all and finding things to actually make the plug was difficult since a lot of things weren’t 30mm+ so it wasn’t going to be easy.

Which brings me to the second point…

I miss wearing earrings

Truthfully I miss wearing earrings! I don’t remember them too well because I started stretching my earlobes young, but every time I go shopping I just love looking at earrings!

Plus, they’re A LOT cheaper than plugs which is a huge plus because I love changing up styles!

I’ve grown up

As I’ve gotten older I’ve also grown out of them and I’ve tried to adapt them to my personal style changes but it’s just not as efficient as just retiring them! I still absolutely love the look of stretched earlobes but for me, they’re just something I’m not down for any more!

Have you got stretched ears, have you retired your stretched ears? Tell me everything below!


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