How To| Boujee On A Budget

Let’s face it, the finer things in life are damn expensive.

Ever seen those super glam women on Tumblr & Instagram and thought to yourself “damn, I’d love to be able to live like that!”? Well, good news, it’s possible!

Here are my top tips to be able to live a champagne life on a beer (or whatever you like drinking, could be soda, I don’t know) budget!

TIP 1 – Budget

Now I know this is totally an obvious one, but it’s definitely the most important one! I won’t go too into detail since I’m sure you all know how to budget, but getting an app, a journal or anything like that is a great way to track your funds!

TIP 2 – Don’t buy it, DIY it!

I personally scroll through Tumblr endlessly trying to find high-end items that’ll be possible to DIY, although it’s not the high-end item you had your eye on, it’s really easy to find things like shoes, shirts, bags (anything) which easily replicate the others, and if you do a little simple DIY and you’ll be saving hundreds, if not thousands! There are heaps of videos on youtube which can show you how to do it, and I’ve even got some coming up on my blog as well!

TIP 3 – If you REALLY want it, buy it second hand!

Some people are completely against this, but I think it’s great! Within reason, of course.
Want a high-end product which is around $1k? see if it’s online and you’ll get it for a much cheaper price and a lot of the time, it’s still in great quality or needs a tiny little fix up to be in pristine condition!

TIP 4 – Replicas!

Okay, this is something people are against and I totally do understand why. Fashion is an art and the artist who creates these designs deserves to be getting paid for it, even if it’s super expensive!
I personally am not a fan of replicas since a lot of the time you’re getting something that’s nothing like expected, but there are stores that make products similar to the high-end product and are also easily able to be DIY’d into what your heart desires!

Also, I definitely don’t recommend getting replica makeup products (I’ve got a post on it here) because honestly, you’ve got no idea what’s going on your skin and I’m just not too down for that!

TIP 5 – Want to live fancy? get some roommates!

Let’s face it, apartments and houses are expensive and if you’re saving up your money you really can’t afford to live on your own, but there’s always someone who’s interested in living the same! Obviously, be careful who you do choose as a roommate and preferably live with friends, but hey, you get a pretty place to live and you get to make some memories too!

TIP 6 – Cut things out and save up!

If you do really want for something, make sure to save up for it! If you’re like me and enjoy a night out at the bar, skip a few of those nights and save the money you would have spent at the bar and put it towards the item you want! Plus, a new handbag you feel great about is a lot better than a hangover after drinking. (And drink responsibly at the legal age of your area!)

Also, want your hair or nails done? Well, although you don’t get to feel the pampering aspect of it, you can always learn how to do your nails yourself and do your own hair! Obviously, both of these do take some time to learn but it’s WAY cheaper in the long run! (also goes into DIY but I thought it fit here better!)

TIP 7 – If you really want it, shop around for it!

A lot of times you can find the exact item you want (which is authentic) for a cheaper price! Check everywhere you can, internationally, domestically, online, in stores, everywhere. Even if it’s a few dollars off, it does add up!

Of course, when it comes to doing that please remember to check to make sure it is actually authentic, especially if you’re still playing a high price for it!

I hope this comes in handy for you guys!

Obviously, it’s important to live within your means and be financially stable so with my advice, take it with a pinch of salt. If you’re going to be unable to eat for the next week because you bought a pair of replica shoes, it’s probably best not to do it!

Anything I missed? Let me know down below what you do to live a champagne life on a beer budget! (I love that saying, I don’t even know why)

Feature Photo by Billy Huynh on Unsplash


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