Shoptagr – The App of Budgetting Shop-a-holic’s Dreams

Now I try to be frugal when it comes to buying online but sometimes I just forget to check emails for sales and discounts (like I’m sure we all do!)

So I started looking around for ways to track sales, and there I found the app Shoptagr.

Shoptagr is an app which is basically your personal shopping assistant, its main feature is that it’s a huge shopping cart, it also notifies you when the item that’s in your cart is either on sale or out of stock, which is super handy so you don’t need to scroll through each website just to check!


Here’s how it works


I apologise for the low quality video, I’ll have to look into it properly!
As you can see in the video, it’s really simple! Find the item you want, pick your size and colour choice and then using the button which you usually share or bookmark posts, find the shoptagr app, click and go! You’ll find it in your shoptagr cart waiting for you!

You’ve also got the option to categorise your items which is super handy when you want to be more organised because sometimes just loads of items become super overwhelming!

I’ve only got clothing items at the moment, but you’re not restricted to just that!



There’s also a Google Chrome extension which does the exact same thing, just without being on mobile! It also gives you lists of the brands and retailers which is useful if you’re looking for specifics!


Screenshot (12).png

Speaking of brands and retailers, there’s a list of supported sites so you know where you can look if you’re primarily using this app!

I highly recommend getting this app/extension if you’re someone who’s wanting to watch how much you’re spending or even just to wait to track sales (which I use it for) it’s free and available on the App Store, Google Chrome and Google Play!



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