DIY | Rhinestone Stockings

I’m terrible when it comes to keeping up with trends as soon as they happen but I decided I’d still write a blog post about this DIY.

The originals (that I could find) were created by Dbleudazzled and let me tell you, they are GORGEOUS! The closest ones I could find to what Kylie was wearing is ‘Constellation’ and they sell for $125! Unfortunately, they’ve been discontinued too! 😦

So I did some investigating (literally just looked at the description of the item) and realised I can definitely do these myself!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A pair of fishnets, get whatever style you want! I used just a small, plain size!
  • Glue! (E6000 is what I’d recommend, superglue burns through stuff!)
  • Crystals! I used 2 different sizes of Swarovski AB but any little shinies will work!
  • A dotting tool
  • Wax rhinestone picker (find my easy DIY here)
  • Something to put your glue & crystals on!

Step One – Preparation

Before anything, make sure you’ve got something you can put a small amount of glue on to make the process the tiniest bit quicker. While you’re at it, apply the crystals to an object and also put those tights/stockings on also!

Step two – Application

With a dotting tool, apply a small amount of glue to the area you’re going to apply the rhinestones. I recommend spacing them out from wherever the most of your shorts/dresses cut off and then down to slightly the ankle (Photo will explain better).

This is going to take one hell of a long time, but just apply the different size rhinestones in different areas on anywhere there’s a little ‘X’.

lkiu - Copy (2)

Let them completely dry (although by the end of it they will be) and that’s it! you’re done!

Get out there and strut your stuff like the sparkly princess (or prince, ain’t no judging here) that you are!


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