30 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me!

I decided that besides the many topics I’ve spoken about on this blog, I’ve never really told you about me! Of course, there have been some posts focused on my experiences, but I’ve never really told you about the person behind the blog! so here we go, heres 30 things about me that you probably wouldn’t know!

1) I absolutely live for a good caesar salad, although all caesar salads are good ones!

2) I have slight hobbit feet (I know you probably didn’t want or need to know this, but I quite like this about myself).

3) I tried writing a book, however, my laptop at the time gave up on me and I lost everything and I completely gave up too!

4) I don’t run…because I run like a headless chicken (unfortunately that’s an understatement).

5) I became a qualified makeup artist and a nail technician at 16.

6) I was born in London and moved to Australia at the age of 8.

7) I have a bad problem with Coca-Cola, at one point I was able to drink 3 2 litre bottles a day, somehow I was lucky and didn’t become diabetic but I had a huge weight gain from it.

8) I’m a Leo and was born on the 7th of August, mark your calendars 😉

9) I’m the youngest of 3, with two older brothers.

10) As a child I hated my name and would think of all of these different names I’d prefer instead of Morgan, however, I grew up and realised it was ‘Morgan-Anne’ and suddenly liked it more!

11) When I met my fiancee he tried to teach me Norwegian, but for some reason I could only grasp (more like remember) the words ‘sint’ (angry) and ‘potet’ (potato) which explains the blog, I think?? I still cannot speak Norwegian but I’m trying!

12) I’m obsessed with World of Warcraft and I play a Night Elf Huntress

13) I cannot be near mascots. I have no clue why but I can guarantee if I see one I hide like a frightened 5-year-old.

14) I’m slightly frightened of getting a suntan. No idea why, to be honest.

15) I absolutely idolize Kim Kardashian, she’s an amazing business woman and a fashion queen!

16) My favourite genre of music is deathcore…I’ll just leave it there.

17) I sometimes struggle to sleep without my fiancee being on the phone while he plays video games, no idea why but it humours me to think about!

18) I do a great Golem impression

19) Disney movies are my ultimate favourites and I struggle to choose between them!

20) My favourite song ever is Unchained Melody sung by Elvis Presley

21) I’m incredibly nocturnal

22) I don’t know how to swim since large bodies of water freak me out, and that my childhood swimming teacher held me underwater…that’s probably it.

23) I have a dark sense of humour and tend to freak people out with my jokes.

24) My mind was blown when I got introduced to ice cream in a mug, for some reason I find something so simple so incredible

25) I once was at a show and accidentally elbowed a guy while getting a drink, drunkenly gave him the stink eye and found out he was the guitarist in an internationally known band, but for some reason, I didn’t recognise him and fangirl.

26) I have a tendency to hoard things, not sure why, probably because I’m lazy.

27) I’m really looking forward to having kids! They’re going to be little nightmares but they’ll be my little nightmares!

28) I choose beer over ciders, any day.

29) Although I was involved in multiple types of dance classes as a kid, I cannot dance to save my life!

30) I’ve always got a TV show on when I’m writing, somehow it helps me concentrate!

And that’s it! 30 things you probably didn’t know about me!

Have you got any facts about yourself that you like? Tell me them down below!


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