How I Made My Wedding Binder | Wedding Planning

Hey loves!

Today I’m starting my wedding planning series! I put this off for quite a while since I honestly had no clue where to start, so I decided we’ll start this journey together and kick everything off with how I made wedding binder and what’s in it! I made this a quicker post since there’s not that much to discuss and even then I’d manage to make it waaaay too long!

What you’ll need:

A binder
Page dividers
Plastic protective sheets
Planning worksheets

Some people go all out with their planners and it looks gorgeous. However, mine’s quite plain and I might end up snazzing it up in the future! You do whatever your heart decides! Although it’s a planner it’s also something you might keep afterwards!

What’s in it?

A lot of words… so much paper…

I separated everything into 8 different categories:

Budget, Vendors, Attire, Food, Floral, Photography, Music, Honeymoon

I found most of my worksheets here and a wedding checklist on Pinterest

A lot of the worksheets you’ll find you can edit in Word, which is what I did! I’m having more of a DIY wedding instead of renting & buying a lot of things so I included DIY activities in the wedding checklist, wrote out a small item budget checklist, etc.

It’s better to make the checklist work for you instead of doing things you don’t need to because the checklists say so!

Also, I recommend having extra sheet protectors in each section as you’re going to be picking up all sorts of things from perspective vendors whether it’s at an expo or you’re just looking around! Make sure you’ve got space for contracts too!

Also, remember nothing has to be set in stone with your binder, if you add a section that you think won’t be useful, remove it! A sheet seem in the wrong place? switch it up! Its look is all up to you!


I hope this was helpful for you and you enjoyed this post!


Did you make a wedding binder? What did you put in yours? Let me know down below!


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