My Top 5 Sites/Stores For Clothing (Australia)

Hey babes!

As you know by now I’m all for looking trendy, however I’m also definitely on a budget so a lot of the time a lot of things are completely out of the question, but I’ve also learnt a bit about looking for clothing and accessories within a small budget!

So, here’s my go-to sites & stores for my wardrobe!

Valley Girl

Now when I was younger I avoided this store since I thought it was way too trendy however recently after my little change up I decided to properly look around, and let me tell you, there was 0 regrets.

They’ve got a wide selection of styles which range from day to night and the price range is super affordable, I think the most I’ve ever paid for a single item was around $50 for a faux leather jacket which is incredible!

Shop Valley Girl


Now I know there’s going to be someone smashing their head into a keyboard saying “BUT KMART ISN’T ABOUT TRENDY CLOTHES” (ok no one did but I imagined it and it made me giggle) but I actually more recommend Kmart for cheap basic items like singlets, t-shirts and definitely leggings.

Like, their basics are cheap enough that it’s not the end of the world when something gets destroyed.

Plus, they have some cute accessories from time to time which I absolutely love!

Shop Kmart

Ally fashion:

Now Ally isn’t the cheapest place to get items however they tend to have sales on quite frequently so that’s when I tend to go there the most.

They’ve got some great on trend items and you’re going to be able to pull off some Kardashian/Jenner vibes in a lot of their clothes and accessories!

I even got a dress for a wedding I went to years ago from there and it looked incredible, so if you want some fancy looking dresses I definitely recommend Ally.

Shop Ally Fashion


Depending on when you go, it’s a hit or miss whether you’re going to get much of a bargain from target, but I do love a lot of their more business-wear items!

I think with target the quality can be a bit higher depending on what you buy, so the prices tend to go up a bit, but I personally think it’s worth the few extra dollars when you’re able to keep something for a long time and have the ability to upcycle them as well.

Shop Target

Ice Design

Back in the day when I was newly single and loved clubbing I was honestly at my somewhat nearby Ice design store every week. This place has some absolutely gorgeous dresses and some lovely casual wear too!

The fact that there’s so many choices to choose from and that you’re getting them at a pretty good price is something that always makes me tempted to go back, even if I’m in another town!

Shop Ice Design:

I hope this list was useful for you guys! All of these stores I’m discussing are in Australia (although I know Target and Kmart are international too) so I do apologise if that’s kind of a negative for you, but maybe you’ll be able to find some similar stores near you!

In the future when I’m adventuring more into international stores I’ll make sure to make an international list, but for now that’s it!

Where’s your favourite place to shop? Do you prefer shopping online or in stores? Let me know in the comments!


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