My Top 5 Stores/Sites To Buy Makeup!

A long time ago I wrote a post about buying makeup online and decided that I’d remake it completely because as it was one of my first posts, it was pretty bad and could have been done WAY better!

I decided to break them up into two parts so it’s a little less long so once uploaded you’ll find part 2 here!

So I present to you; My top 5 stores and sites to buy makeup!



reject stores (8).jpg


Besides the usual drugstore brands, Target stocks ChiChi, NYX, The Balm, Sleek and much more which is great if you’re looking for some high-quality products at a drugstore price! I recommend buying as much as you can from Target because they REALLY overcompensate when it comes to their shipping (I got a large box for one single liquid eyeliner, so that was a bit weird)



reject stores (7).jpg

Just like Target, Kmart stocks the usual drugstore brands as well as brands like BYS, ELF and their own line, Oxx which is a super cheap brand with some actually good quality products! I recommend trying out their poreless primer because it does the job!


Target & Kmart (4).jpg


If you’re from another country other than Australia, I’d say Priceline is our equivalent to Boots in the UK or Ulta in the USA.

They have all of the usual drugstore brands, plus Essence, NYX, Models Own, Models Prefer and many more! I recommend checking their site out because that’s the one place I know I’ll be able to get almost any drugstore item from! Their shipping can be a bit slow but honestly, it’s nothing too drastic!



Target & Kmart (2).jpg


Up from Priceline is Adore Beauty, where you’re able to get drugstore items, higher-end items and also a lot of brands that aren’t easily available to us in Australia such as Barry M, RCMA & Butter London! Plus, when you spend $50+ you get free shipping! That’s a total excuse to splurge, right?


reject stores (6).jpg

My favourite cosmetics store of all: Mecca!

(For my American readers, Mecca is basically our equivalent to Sephora)

If you’re looking for your high-end items, mecca is the place to go! From Too Faced to Hourglass Mecca will have everything you’re looking for!

My only actual complaint is some items aren’t stocked online and in-store only, but now there’s one close to me I can’t complain as much because I’ve got no excuse!

Plus, if you spend certain amounts throughout the year you can join the Beauty Loop and get rewards! How fun!


What’s you guys’ favourite beauty stores? let me know in the comments!

All my love,


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