How I Take & Edit My Instagram Posts (and more!)

Hey loves!

Today I’m writing about how I take & edit Instagram posts and a whole lot more!

It’s super simple and you’ll be able to do it easily!


instagram (6).jpg


For my photos I either use my iPhone 6s or my Canon 600D.

I’ve learnt that with the iPhone camera you’re going to need good lighting and mess around with your settings a bit to get a good quality photo, but of course a lot of the time you can fix up any lighting issues with the apps!

The Canon 600D is great if you’re also using the photos for things like blog posts as you’re going to get a great quality photo and won’t have to edit it too much when it comes to it!

I can’t really recommend one over the other as I enjoy using both!

iPhone 6s camera vs Canon 600D

instagram (3).jpg


I try to get photos in the best lighting possible, although sometimes it’s not possible! I’ve taken a few photos in stores where the lighting is god awful and I’ve had to edit it later on quite a few times!

When it comes to taking photos I try to take them so they’ll work well with my feed, I’ll get into that later!


instagram (5).jpg

When it comes to editing photos I use two apps; Afterlight 2 and the Instagram app! sometimes I’ll use some others (I have a folder of them) but it’s super rare that I do! And since I mostly just take photos of objects I don’t really have much of a use for Facetune at the moment when I’m not taking selfies!

instagram (8)

Afterlight 2 is my go-to app for fixing up the contrasts and vibrancy of photos! I can’t really give you specifics about what numbers I use or anything like that because honestly I just eyeball it and wait until it looks like it’ll go with the rest of my feed! Once I’m done I just save it and get ready to open it up on Instagram!


instagram (1).jpg

I use Instagram mainly for the filters (of course) but I also only use one so my feed kind of blends together and that filter is Aden! Once again I’ll just eyeball it and see if it works with my feed, then if anything got desaturated or anything after adding the filter I’ll go back and edit it with the Instagram editing and I’ll be all done and ready to plan!


instagram (7).jpg

Once again this is another two apps that I use to do this, and those are UNUM and Instagram!



UNUM is basically an app where you can see how well a post will go with the rest of your feed, ironically I actually suck at keeping it 100% cohesive with colour schemes but I try to go with it as best as I can!

I believe you can also track things like analytics in this app, however, I’ve never used that paid option and I don’t really plan to!

instagram (1)

Once again I’m using the Instagram app but instead of seeing if my posts are cohesive, I use this to keep my posts while they wait to be uploaded

Once the photo is completely edited how I like it and looks right on the UNUM app I open up the image in Instagram, write a caption and click the back button, this then gives an option to save as draft or delete post, I save the post as a draft and when I’m ready to upload it’s already prepared!


instagram (4)

All I use to make text posts is the internet and the Canva app! I’ll google search the quote or whatever that I’m looking for, screenshot it, then open up Canva. I choose a layout for Instagram posts, fill everything out and customise it to my liking and bam, it’s ready to be uploaded!

I also sometimes add the Aden filter to them just to get them to look better with my feed but it’s honestly not a necessity at all!

That’s it! I hope this post came in handy for you! If you’ve got any questions feel free to contact me!

What’s your favourite Instagram filter? let me know in the comments!

All my love,


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