My Top 4 Shoe Site/Stores! (Australia)

Hey babes!

In a previous post, I discussed my top 5 clothing stores and decided I’d make it a series…of a sort? Basically, I’ll tell you my top _ places to get certain items to give you a little idea!

However, once again this is an Australian based post because I’m super impatient and I can’t wait for things…ever so maybe in the future, I’ll do a post about international stores when I’m in Europe or just less impatient, we’ll see…

But for now, here are my top stores for buying shoes!



Now, this is probably the most expensive store I shop at in general, but I LOVE their shoes! I basically use this as my ‘treat yo self’ store because there’s no way these are budget friendly, but this is where I find the most recent trending shoes are sold.

From sock boots, sparkly heels to the clear shoe trend, these are the best bet to find them!


(I mean look at how gorgeous these are? OMG!)


Shop Novo



Now Betts is definitely another ‘treat yo self’ store because although similarly priced to Novo, these are a lot more casual (to an extent, I saw some pretty extravagant heels when researching the store again) and they kind of remind me of items that go with more business/classy attire instead of some big, beautiful boujee clothing items!


Shop Betts


Famous Footwear

Now, this is my absolute, all-time favourite store to buy from! They’ve got great prices and great quality shoes which is something I absolutely love! I actually bought the pink heels that I used for the DIY Fluffy Heels post and I’m absolutely obsessed with the before and the afters!


Shop Famous Footwear



You won’t get some extreme boujee shoes from Target, but you’ll definitely be able to get some gorgeous casual heels from there! Just like I mentioned in the clothes part of this series, Target is a little on the pricey side but not so much when it comes to shoes. If I ever want a new pair of pumps for an occasion or just ones I can do up I absolutely love going to target to have a look around and see what’s available!


Shop Target



Where’s your favourite place to get shoes? Let me know in the comments!



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