How To Shop For Makeup!

Hey babes!

One of my first ever posts (which has now sadly been deleted) was about buying makeup online! I decided that I’d completely re-write the post as I honestly had no clue what I was doing when I wrote it!

If you’d like to read part one, you can find it here!

So here we go, how to shop for makeup!


Check your foundation (3).jpg

I know it’s a kind of boring thing to start off with, but it’s a great way for you to know what you enjoy and want to buy more of!

I personally have my holy grail products that I’ll always buy a spare so I know I’ll always have a back up in case a new item doesn’t work out for me!


Check your foundation (8).jpg

If you’ve not got a foundation already, go on an adventure to try out some new products! Go to Priceline/Ulta/those kinds of stores, bring a friend and find some foundation shades which will match you! Remember you also need to take into consideration your skin type and your undertones!

Skin Type: How To Determine Your Skin Type
Undertone: How To Figure Out If You’re Cool Or Warm Toned


Check your foundation.jpg

I’m sure you know by now but you can check your foundation colours online!

All you need is your perfect (or closest to) shade of foundation, type it into and you’ll find a list of foundations and shades perfect for you! Of course, I recommend going to stores and trying these products before purchasing them, but I’ve had great luck with findation when it comes to finding my shade in different foundations!



Check your foundation (2).jpg

Not sure if you’ll enjoy a product? Ask if you can get a sample!

I originally thought they’d look down at me but honestly, they’re fine with it! It depends which store you go to, but a lot of the time they have samples available so you’re able to try it out and then buy their full sized product in the future!


Check your foundation (1).jpg

Want to try a product but they don’t have samples? Don’t worry, just buy travel sizes! A lot of the time they’re half the price of the full sized product and you’ll still be able to find out if you like it! If you don’t, you’ve got less product you need to get through instead of a pricy full sized and full priced item!


Check your foundation (4).jpg

No travel sizes OR samples? Well, then wait for a sale!

A lot of stores have sales when it comes to certain holidays or just out of the blue! I recommend using the Shoptagr app (find my review on it here) and it’ll tell you when a sales on! Or, of course, allow notifications on your apps which make it easier to track!


Check your foundation (6).jpg

Just like your food shopping, if you’re going out in stores: write a list! Make sure you know what you need to get and give yourself a bit of structure to your trip instead of letting yourself go wild! (go wild after you get your list done)


Check your foundation (5).jpg

Instead of letting yourself loose on the home page or ‘all items’, look at the specific items you’re wanting to get! if you need a new eyeliner, look under the eyeliner category, want a new lipstick? lipstick category!

Even when I do this I end up getting carried away but I thought it should be mentioned still!


Check your foundation (7).jpg

If you’re going to stores, bring a friend! Not only is it a good way to bond, catch up and hang out but it’s also kind of a way for you to stop your spending! Unless your friend is a makeup lover too…then maybe it’s a bad thing…you decide!


Whats your go-to tips for shopping for makeup? Let me know in the comments below!

All my love,


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