How I Made My Bridesmaid Box! | Wedding Series

Hey babes!

For the second part of my wedding series, I decided to tell you how I made my Bridesmaid/Maid of Honour box for my best friend!

I’ve included how much I paid for every item and where I got it from just to give you guys some ideas too!

Once again I apologise for a lack of photos of the process but I never really expected to make this series in the first place!


Planning it

With these boxes I recommend making them personal to the person you’re giving it to, however, if you’ve got like 6 bridesmaids it’d make sense if you bought multiples of certain things, but as I was only making one it was specific to her.

My idea was to make it not so obvious, as her birthday was coming up so I was thinking of giving it to her as an early birthday present and surprising her with it!

She’s not a huge pink person so I’m not so sure why I went for pink but she absolutely loved it! (even though at first she had no idea I was asking her to be my maid of honour, she actually didn’t see that part until I pointed it out)…probably just to go with the box.

Here’s a full image of the box (I lost my photos so thankfully she took one!)


what I used.jpg

Box – Reject Shop – $4
Wine – Dan Murphy’s – $14 for 3 (I enjoyed the rest hehe)
Eye mask – Kmart – $3
Nail polish – Big W – $5.46
Notepad – Kmart – $5 for 3
Crepe paper – Red Dot – $1.50 each (I bought 3 packs)
Bracelet – Lovisa – $20 for 2
Lip balm – Big W – $3.40
Glass – Reject Shop – $2
Notes – Photoshop – Free
Candle – Reject Shop – $3.50

All up cost:  $64.86


Truthfully I’d have spent WAY more if I wasn’t on a budget and I also bought quite a few things on the list on sale, but it was so fun to go out shopping and find little bits and bobs for her and just surprise her! I absolutely recommend doing one of these for your bridesmaids and maid of honour!


Would/did you give your bridesmaids/maid of honour a box? let me know in the comments!

All my love,


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