My Top 4 Sites/Stores for Accessories! (Australia)

Hey babes!

So far we’ve covered clothes and shoes but today we’re covering accessories!

As I’ve said previously this is mostly Australia based however I’m including one site even though it’s international because 99% I buy from their Australian sellers!

So here is my top places to buy accessories!



I’ve actually written a post featuring some products from Lovisa (here) and in that post I pretty much summed up my thoughts on the store, however I thought I’d rehash it anyway because it’s one of my favourites!

For fashion jewellery these are great quality! I’m sure if you wore them 24/7 you’ll start seeing some green tinge to your fingers and the colour will fade, but if you’re wearing them for a couple of hours on a night out their items are worth the money. In fact, Lovisa usually have sales on so you’re likely to be able to find an absolute steal there! Plus, they’ve got come Cubic Zirconia items as well so if you’re not wanting something that can look a bit cheap there’s always that option!

Shop Lovisa

Colette by Colette Hayman

I find this store to be pretty much on par with Lovisa, their items are drop dead gorgeous and they’re usually good quality too!

These are slightly on the pricier side but honestly you’re not getting ripped off by the prices because if you’re not constantly wearing them and you treat them well they’re going to last you a long time!

Also, they’ve got a bridal range too (which is so stinking cute!) so if you’re getting married soon or know someone who is, this is a good site/place to check out!

Shop Colette



In a past post I mentioned I prefer buying accessories from eBay rather than their clothes, and that’s completely true! When it comes to buying from eBay it’s a hit or miss, however I’ve gotten some pretty good items from there which were a total bargain! I’m still in the process of writing my ‘how to shop at: _’
posts (so keep an eye out for those soon) where my first post will be on eBay!

Shop Ebay


Kmart’s gotten onto I think every ‘top _’ post I’ve done so far, and it’s safe to say I’ve realised how much I love it!

Kmart is more of a ‘I’d probably not buy jewellery from there, although I’d probably buy a watch from there’ store for me, I personally am not a fan of a lot of jewellery they sell however you’re likely to get something like a scarf, gloves, watch, etc for a great price and they’ll last you a long time! However, I haven’t even bothered with their earrings, etc because they just aren’t really my style, but I recommend checking them out because everyone’s style is different!


Shop Kmart



What’s your favourite place to buy accessories? Also, what’s your go-to accessory you’ve always got on! Let me know in the comments!


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