Review | Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Lightener

Hey babes!



Today we’re talking about Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Lightener! I recently used this and thought I’d tell you all about it!

If you don’t know, this product is basically bleach (it’s really weak, however) which comes in 4 parts: A tube of developer (it said colour on the tube but it’s a developer) your bottle of product, bleach powder and a conditioner)

This product says that it lightens up to 9 shades and also has an anti-yellowing agent in it so you don’t look like a lemon or a banana.

Now, onto my experience.
I used one pack for my regrowth and my ends. It lightened my regrowth quite well but had a strong yellow tone to it. However, the bleach did not take on my ends and I was left with the same orange colour.

2 weeks later I gave the product another chance for my ends and instead of following the instructions, I added heat to the areas with bleach which made a HUGE difference. It doesn’t recommend you do this in the instructions but it worked for me! (but take that with a grain of salt too).

Check your foundation (9).jpg

  • The product isn’t incredibly expensive
  • When it wants to work it can lift pretty well
  • Didn’t damage my hair drastically (or noticeably)
  • Schwarzkopf are great when it comes to feedback and are happy to help if there’s a problem



Check your foundation (10).jpg

  • That tube they give you is so difficult to empty! I spent a good 5 minutes trying to empty the product into the bottle since I’d push down and it’d just move back up to the top of the tube.
  • It develops incredibly slow.
    Now, this is actually also a good thing about the product because you know that you’ll have time to apply the product without a drastic amount of bleaching happening during the process.
  • Even though there’s a supposed anti-yellowing agent, my hair turned bright yellow and actually didn’t even develop in quite a few areas, so now I’m incredibly patchy and orange too!


Do I recommend this product? To an extent.

I originally hated this product but with some trial and error I found a way for it to work for me. If you’re looking for a quick way to go blonde, this probably isn’t ideal if you’ve not got virgin hair.

However, the brand and range as a whole may actually not be as disappointing so even though this completely bombed, I’m still going to be checking out the rest of their Nordic blonde range, but not even going to bother with the lighteners again!


I hope this was helpful! Have you used this before? let me know in the comments!

All my love,


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