How Old Is Your Makeup?

Hey babes!

I was inspired to write this post after I watched a video by Beauty News on Youtube (link to their video is here) and I thought “holy crap, how old is my makeup?” so I decided I’d write a blog post giving you the information to be able to check these for yourself!

I’m sure you know by now, but there’s a little expiry date logo on most, if not all of your beauty products which tells you how long it’ll last after being opened. However, you can also find out your production age of the product too.

On a makeup product, look for a little code which will be more than 3 numbers and go to one of the following websites and you’ll be able to find out exactly how old your makeup is!,,


Screenshot (23)

So here you go, a way for you to find out how old that makeup product you just bought was! Of course, it’s likely you’ll be all well and good with your makeup products, but I think it’s definitely good to have a check!

Have you tried this before? If so, let me know what the oldest makeup item is that you own! 😉


All my love,

Feature photo by Jenu Prasad on Unsplash



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