How To Shop On Ebay!

Hey babes!

In a few past posts I mentioned buying items from eBay and realised there’s a few little tricks I’ve learnt along the way to make sure I get some great products!

So here it is, how to shop on ebay!

Step One (1)                   If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

See a solid gold ring with diamonds for $13? That’s either a newly divorced woman determined to get rid of her wedding ring or most likely, a complete load of crap.

A Lime Crime Lipstick which retails for $25 being sold for $2.99? You guessed it, it’s probably crap.

A lot of people can get away with selling things that aren’t 100% legit, although it’s against eBay’s guidelines they’ll always continue to do it because hey, money!

                                                         examples of ‘too good to be true’ items



         If you’re buying clothes, be aware of sizes and false images

I know A LOT of people like to look on eBay for cheap clothes, however a lot of the times you’ll see these gorgeous outfits that look like they’re from an Instagram model’s account and that’s because the pictures probably are.

I actually recommend watching some youtube videos of expectations vs. reality to show you this stuff, because it’s actually ridiculous how different they can be!


Another thing that’s important to remember is that if you’re interested in buying clothes you need to take clothing sizes into consideration, in Asia they’ve got COMPLETELY different sizes to us, which can lead to tight fits or just things that won’t even get on your body.



                                               Check reviews!

Although eBay has a weird review system where it shows reviews of every item the seller has to offer, it’s always good to read reviews! You’ll be able to get a general idea of what other people’s experiences with them were!




                                        Check item descriptions!

This is the best way if you’re doing something like buying makeup or a high end item to find out how genuine the product is! As I said before a lot of sellers sell counterfeit items so it’s best to look into the item before spending your hard earned money on it! A good way to tell if something isn’t authentic is when it’s description is in broken english, won’t have any details on materials and usually has random things added in which aren’t a part of the item.

                                                                               Genuine vs Counterfeit items



                   Want it faster? Splurge more and get a local seller!

This is an absolute given, but if you’re buying cheap items from a seller in China you’re probably going to be waiting up to a month or two to receive it, but if you spend sometimes just a few dollars more you can find the same item in your country!

With this, I want to mention that sometimes if you have a seller that says they’re in ‘Australia’ instead of ‘NSW, Australia’, ‘Perth, Australia’ etc, sometimes they’re actually in Asia and just saying their location is nearby so you’ll order from them at a higher cost and also still have to wait your month or two for your item!


xc c.jpg

                                  Use those filters and categories!

Want a MAC product? use the MAC category on the top of the screen, want a local seller? change your filters so you can only see products from local sellers! Although it’s super obvious, it’s something that’s super helpful!



         Keep an open mind when you’re buying, but limit yourself too!

When you’re shopping, don’t just limit yourself to certain items! Have a look around, see if there’s anything you’re interested in, you never know what you can find!

Sometimes when you’ve gotten down an eBay rabbit hole you’ll find yourself with a cart full of items. But just remember that although they’re cheap, you probably don’t need them.

I still don’t learn from that, but I thought I’d add that in for you!



And that’s it! What do you guys do when you buy from eBay? Let me know down in the comments!



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