Status: The New Instagram For Fashion?

With Instagram being almost impossible to get recognition on, it was bound to happen that a new app would come through and give some opportunities to smaller influencers. I came across this app via email (notsponsored, I get no payment or recognition for reviewing this app) and decided to give it a go!

As of the last few months, I started branching into fashion blogging instead of just beauty blogging and I quickly learnt that it’s incredibly difficult to get noticed on Instagram in 2018 (maybe I’ll talk about that later) and lost a bit of hope on the platform, however seeing this new app game me a spark of hope!

signing up.jpg

When you download the app you’ll find it’s super simple to sign up, just like any other application on your phone! I actually thought that I’d end up a bit like Vero (remember that?) and I’d either not be able to sign up or the app just doesn’t work anymore BUT I was completely wrong!

using the app.jpg

Like Instagram, you’re able to like posts and follow people! However you can’t search hashtags and if you want to look at other posts in that hashtag you need to click on that hashtag (say hashtag one more time, Morgan). I feel like if there was a specific page for being able to look at similar posts like on Instagram it’d be great, but it’s not really a huge deal and it’s something I can live with!

I decided I’d post for the first time and here’s how the process went!


Think of this app like Instagram because it’s really similar! The middle button is where you’re able to upload your photos, click on that and you’re ready to start your first post!


Choose your photo, type in your caption and remember to use hashtags!
As you can see you can also connect the post to facebook as well as tag products, which we’ll get into next!


As you can see when you click on ‘tag products’
you’re able to select the type of item in the photo.


You then get the option to select what
brand the item of apparel is OR you can skip that option.


If you skip that option you get a suggestion list.

I’m not sure if these are just shoes that are trendy
or the app thought these were similar, but I thought
it was still worth including!

I definitely haven’t got the hang of the hashtags or anything yet since those shoes definitely weren’t a hit on the app, with a whopping 0 likes! But I’m sure I’ll figure it out!

A notable thing to mention about this app is that there’s something like 10k users so it’s quite a small platform (so get in on it quick!) but once you get the hang of it I’ve seen people with hundreds of likes on photos so it’s definitely doable!

final thoughts.jpg

So far I absolutely LOVE this app and would highly recommend it if you’re a fashion blogger or just someone who enjoys fashion! It’s a great way to see what other people are wearing and get some inspiration.

From what I can see at the moment there’s no way to DM another user or things like that, but that’s something that could be worked on in the future as so far it seems like a fairly new app what needs time to grow!

All up I’m giving it a 4-star rating (it’d be 4.5 but I haven’t got half stars) because although it’s an amazing app I think there’s definitely still room to grow and I can’t wait for to see it bloom!

star rating

What do you think of the app? Would you use it? Have you used it? Let me know in the comments babes! Feel free to join me on the app here!

All my love,


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