Choosing Your Wedding Hashtag | Wedding Series

Hey, sugars!

I see this A LOT of wedding groups on Facebook so I thought I’d give you some helpful hints on how you can figure out a hashtag for your wedding/engagement party!


whats your names.jpg

Obviously, you know both of your last names so I used a weird header for this, but still!

Think about what can work with your last names! Of course, if you’re like me and going to have an international last name it’s going to be a bit more difficult!

I apologise how lame this example is.

Say your last name is McDonald and you’re having a farm wedding (told you I was being lame) think about how you can incorporate the two! #McDonaldsFarmWedding or something like that!


get puns.jpg

Got a pun that works? Use it! Whether it’s a bad pun or a really clever one if you think it works for your wedding theme most definitely use it!


dos and dont (4).jpg


This is your best bet if you’re like me and super imaginative! Of course, when you use one of these you run the risk of having the same hashtag of somebody else but you could always include the date of your wedding to change it up from theirs!


E-Weddings’ Generator
Pastbook’s Generator
Wedding Hashtag Wall’s Generator


dos and dont (5).jpg


Make sure it’s easy to remember! I know if there was a hashtag at a wedding I went to where the hashtag was super difficult I probably wouldn’t use it or I’d completely butcher it because it’s difficult to remember! Make it simple for your guests!


make multiple.jpg

Make sure you’ve got backup plans! deciding on a hashtag should be a joint project and should definitely have some backups if there’s a risk someone might not like just the one you’ve come up with!


Dos' and don'ts of choosing a wedding hasthag1.jpg




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