My Go-To Pamper Day Routine

Hey babes!

I wrote a post a while ago about self-love and mentioned pampering yourself, however, I didn’t get super detailed in it because I was waiting to write this! This works for me but feel free to switch it up however you like!

So here it is, my weekly go-to pamper day routine!


get yourself smooth.jpg


First thing I do is get in the shower, get clean and get myself silky smooth!

I actually would recommend having a long bath with a bath bomb, but of course, I only have a shower so I don’t get that luxury! (Go for the bath bomb and the bath, way better).


set the mood.jpg

To set the mood I like to light up some candles and put on some music!

At the moment I’ve been using candles from Dusk in ‘love’ and they smell AMAZING! If you’re looking for a cheaper option Kmart actually have some amazing smelling candles which are 75c each! Of course, if you want to splurge, definitely get some Yankee Candles! They are INCREDIBLE!

Another thing I like to do is put on a Spotify playlist! I’ve got one here which consists of a bunch of songs I absolutely love!


focus on your face.jpg


Once I’m out of the shower I like to move it into the bedroom and get my skincare on! I like to use 7th Heaven’s Cucumber Peel- off mask and then Biore’s charcoal pore strips just for added reassurance there are no blackheads!

In this time, I get my candles going again, chuck on my favourite romantic comedy/chick flick and relax until it’s time to peel off/remove a strip!


get those nails did.jpg


Time to focus on those nails! Depending on when I’m doing this I’ll either refill my acrylics or apply a new set! Of course, if you aren’t a nail technician/don’t know how to apply acrylics to yourself you could paint your nails or go to a salon earlier in the day!

Also, if you’ve got candles burning, don’t put anything like nail polish or acrylic liquid near them or you’re probably gonna get a very hot surprise (very flammable).


unplug (1).jpg


It’s easier said than done (trust me, I know) but I enjoy unplugging from social media and letting myself completely relax!

As entertaining as your friend going on a drunken rant or the latest slightly unfunny memes can be, it’s great to relax and not worry about whats going on for everyone else and just focus on yourself!


And that’s it! My routine for my pamper day/night!

What do you guys do with your routine? let me know in the comments!

All my love,


One thought on “My Go-To Pamper Day Routine

  1. The Life of Mary Elizabeth says:

    Hey girl!!
    I tried to unplugged for an hour and just relax a few times but life got the best of me. Lol. I think I need to get back into this again bc it was nice!! Also, I’m thinking about getting my nails done soon… But I don’t know if I want to. I have to look up designs on Pinterest for inspiration on getting them done. In addition to (it’s kinda my addition), I like to go for massages every month or two and that helps to relax and unwind.


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