How I Plan & Create My DIY Projects

In the blogging community, it’s common to see a lot of bloggers with these beautiful high end, gorgeous but expensive items. I absolutely believe you should work hard for the things you want, but when it’s possible to do yourself and a lot of the times a lot cheaper, I think it’s a great idea to get into your creative zone and put your own spin on it!

I’ve got a few DIYs up so far (DIY red bottoms, DIY fluffy heels, DIY Rhinestone Stockings) so I thought instead of just bringing you the DIYs I’d let you know how I plan out and create these projects so you can get in on it too!




When it comes to planning out my DIYs they can usually just pop up in my head or I browse the internet and see what I can come across!




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Pinterest is one of my favourite places to look for DIY projects since the images on there are absolutely gorgeous! I’m never struggling to find all of the glitz and the glam when it comes to Pinterest and I also like to get outfit inspo on there too!






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Another favourite of mine is Instagram, as you’re able to browse through the gorgeous feeds of designers, new items on websites and more! Plus, sometimes you can see other people’s DIY projects and get some inspiration from there!


Planning (1).jpg



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The main thing I use Tumblr for is to look at luxurious, glam images! A big jump from my old pop-punk and tattoo-covered Tumblr, but still!

This is just like the other two, it’s really simple to follow blogs and get the kind of images you’re looking for, sometimes they’re completely unrelated but hey, there are some gorgeous ones in there too! (Like this one of Amber Scholl, I looooves it!)




download (1).png

Youtube is my absolute 100% go to site when it comes to DIYs! If you want to see other DIY projects being done, this is the place to go to! I highly recommend watching Amber Scholl’s videos because they’re incredible! (and inspired me to get into DIY fashion blogging!) and there’s many more creators out their with fabulous content that you can watch for some inspo!


Where to shop (1).jpg


Dollar Stores.jpgIn Australia we don’t have the usual $1 stores like in the US, in fact, they’re pretty much more like $1-$20 stores so I don’t have much luck saving money and hardly ever go in them, but I recommend you do if you’re in the USA or UK where you’re actually getting bargains!

reject stores.jpg

A lot of the time if I’m looking for homeware sorts of items I go to Red Dot or The Reject Shop which can sometimes sell items which are slightly (like I never even notice) flawed for a way cheaper price than other stores! Or they’re just items other stores didn’t want in stock, so that’s how you can get a steal in there!



My go-to place to buy fabrics, trimmings and other things is Spotlight! They’ve got a huge range of materials and honestly, it’s my most favourite place ever! Their trim and ribbon section makes me feel like a kid in a candy store!

reject stores (3).jpg

If you’re looking for craft supplies, is another great place to search! They’ve got feathers galore, DIY kits, embellishments AND wedding items (which I love and probably will buy loads of!) I’ve bought some marabou from there before and it’s absolutely incredible! Next time I need some feathers in my life, that’s where I’ll be heading to!


reject stores (1).jpg

My final recommendation is ebay, which is my go-to place for the sparklies! You’ve got to keep in mind that sometimes you’re not going to get the best quality so you need to shop wisely (check out ‘How To Shop: Ebay” for more) but if you’re smart about it, you’ll get some cute items for an even cuter price!


Obviously I won’t go into a step by step of how I create each item, because it’s in the DIY posts, but I wanted to just fill you in on the steps beforehand which I don’t really talk about in the posts for some reason (I’ll do that more!)


Where do you love buying craft items from? Let me know in the comments!

All my love,


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