My Hair Journey

**DISCLAIMER** I am NOT a hairstylist and everything mentioned in this post is purely from my own experience, I am not liable for any damage that can be done to your hair if you decide to do something mentioned in this blog. I do not recommend bleaching your hair at home and this post is for entertainment purposes.

Hey babes!

Following on from my two other hair posts; Removing Black Hair Dye and How I Got Blonde Hair I thought I’d tell you about my hair journey and you get a bonus of really embarrassing old photos of me, lucky you!

So let’s start at the very first (photographed) colour!


When I was 13 I was going through my ‘dark, misunderstood’ stage and dyed my hair jet black with a box dye, I continued to do this for probably 2 years when I decided that I suddenly didn’t want my hair black anymore and decided I want to bleach it.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any photos of my hair after it was bleached but I’ll make sure to be descriptive.

For some reason, my friend and I decided we’d bleach my hair and leave it for an hour, in an Australian summers heat…outside. What I was left with was an absolute, damaged and completely unfixable mess.

My hair ranged from dark brown to a bright orange, multiple shades of yellow and a few patches of white.

I soon had to get it fixed up at a hairdresser and she actually did an amazing job, however being a difficult teenager I ‘hated’ it and decided I’d dye my hair all sorts of colours (pink, blue, red, to name a few).

I ended up growing out of this stage, again and deciding to dye my hair brown while I waited for the rest of the damaged hair to grow out. (also no photos of that)

A few months on when my hair had completely grown out I decided that I’d go back to red hair which was almost my ‘Morgan’ colour at that time (usually you’d look for the girl with red hair every time you’d want to find me) and kept this for over a year.


After that year ended I decided I’d dye my hair black again as the maintenance for the red ended up too time-consuming or way too expensive for a 16-year-old that was working for a crappy boss (I’ll tell you all about that one day!) and kept this for 2 years until I was 18 years old and newly single!


After black I decided I’d go blonde again, however, I really struggled with this after 2 years of box dye! I bleached my hair again and this time it just left me completely orange.


After this short period of blonde, I went back to red for a short while but I once again went back to the devil itself: black box dye.

For 3 years I kept my hair black until recently, and here we are!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you got a good laugh out of my old photos because they honestly make me cringe even though these weren’t even close to the worst!

Let me know in the comments what your hair colour is right now and if you’ve had a favourite colour of hair!

All my love,


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