My Journey Into Self Love

Hey babes!

Today’s post is a little more of a personal one compared to posts I really enjoy doing for this blog, but if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook (I’ll start using it more, promise) you’d know that I’ve been going through a huge change in my life as a result of deciding I wasn’t happy with myself and wanted to fix/change the things I was unhappy with!


the beginning.jpg

It began at the start of January where I realised I was incredibly unhappy with myself, by this time I wrote a post which was 5 ways to help with self love where I brushed over some helpful ways to just feel good about yourself, but it was ironic at the time because I was incredibly guilty of doing the opposite.

I found myself in a slump and unable to feel very good about myself. My mental health had deteriorated and I was just unhappy but one day I looked in the mirror and realised that I had been avoiding taking on the challenge of bettering myself in the one way that everyone sees, my appearance.


personal style.jpg

Something I’ve really struggled with was my personal style, I’ve always had an ‘alternative’ style and I loved everything about it, besides how I looked. I ended up looking more into things to do with fashion and slowly fell in love with all things glamorous. To be honest, it was the one thing I really didn’t expect since I had been the person constantly in all black or band merchandise, but I quickly felt comfortable with a more glamorous, classy style. Around this time was when the DIY projects started because I definitely cannot afford a lot of the things I’ve fallen in love with!


hair colour change.jpg

The second thing I started on was changing my hair colour from black to blonde, which let me tell you, was an absolute journey (I’ve got a post coming up all about it).

I wanted to go blonde for years but was never able to since the black dye is super hard to remove and I’m incredibly impatient, but this time it worked! I do still absolutely love how I look with black hair but I thought a little change in colour would be a great way to make myself feel good!


hair colour change (1).jpg

In March I decided to remove my jewellery in my stretched earlobes to finally shrink them and get them fixed surgically. Once again I’ve got a blog post coming up on that so I won’t go super into detail.

As I’m writing this it’s 3 weeks into the healing process of my first earlobe and I’m SO excited to be able to show you guys how they look once they’re finished! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and I’m so excited for some earring posts in the future, they’re definitely coming!



Over the years because of things like medications, smoking and A LOT of cola my teeth were in a terrible state. I had a lot of things I needed fixing like a filling on a broken tooth and a lot of stain removal and that affected me dramatically because I was scared to smile or even really talk properly because they looked absolutely awful.

This is another process which was actually a lot longer than I expected because I never realised they were that bad!

The first cleaning was an absolute shocker, I was actually amazed to see my teeth in a state where they looked incredible to me and really made me think about how important good dental hygiene is!


down time.jpg


This was maybe the most important thing I decided to do, and although when you’re blogging sometimes downtime isn’t the best thing to do for your followers, it was something I needed to do.

A week or so before my earlobe reconstruction I had gone out and decided to go and enjoy myself, long story short I found myself thinking “hold on a minute, something here isn’t right and I need to take myself away from this situation and give myself time to understand everything going on”…apparently drunk Morgan is a thinker, who knew?

For a month after that night I had a reason to not go out and have a drink with friends (because of antibiotics) and I honestly just wanted to have time to myself with my fiance and just be able to have a nice, calm recovery time.

Unfortunately, that meant I wasn’t really able to be on social media heavily and as much as I wanted to be involved, I was absolutely exhausted, needed the break for as long as possible and I really benefited from it.




The last thing I think made a positive effect on me was that I learned that it’s completely okay to praise myself, which was something I mentioned in my original post about self-love! With getting a lot of things sorted for my future, doing stuff I never thought I would/could do and even just how this blog is progressing I never thought I’d bother to praise myself, so I did! After that month of working on myself, feeling good and not being on antibiotics anymore I decided I’d treat myself to a nice bottle of Moscato and just enjoy it, enjoy the moment I’m in and remember everything can always work out if I’m willing to put in the effort and time it takes!

Of course, I don’t recommend drinking alcohol every single time you do anything because that could probably be a bit unhealthy!


As the title says, this is my journey to self-love and it’s worked for me! However, everyone in the world is different and things can work differently.

Although I changed certain parts of my appearance I cannot stress enough that unless any kind of surgery (minor like mine or major) is something that you really want, it’s not worth changing! Don’t let anyone make you feel uncomfortable about certain things about you or your personality, you’re all absolute queens and I love ya just how you are!

All my love,


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