How I Got Blonde Hair

**DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a hairdresser, I’ve just learnt from my own past experiences with bleach, this is most likely not the correct way to do this and if you do this, do it at your own discretion as I’m not responsible for you damaging your hair.**

Hey babes!

We left off this journey with a brown and reddish colour in ‘How I removed black hair dye‘ so if you haven’t read that, go read it and come back quick!

After avoiding using bleach I realised that there was only so much the colour remover could take out, so I decided I’d start going and looking at different hairdressers to go to!

That went well the first time, kind of.

I went to a local salon which kind of does in-and-out, no appointment hairdressing which was totally great for me! Except I couldn’t seem to get there when they had time, so after a test strand finally being done they basically said “this is the colour we can give you” and it was just orange, completely orange.

So I quickly realised “I could do this myself” and so I did.

Using a 30vol developer and a blue bleach powder, I attempted to remove the red and it worked! Well, it went to orange, just like the salon!


They were definitely that different.



I left my hair like this for about 3 weeks, leaving my natural colour (brown) and the orange to just hang out and do their own thing! I attempted to do some sort of ombre effect to make it look less crazy but it didn’t really work!

Eventually, I went to two different hairdressers again to see what they could do with my now natural colour and my bleached ends.

This time didn’t actually go so well because no one would touch it.

The first place I went to told me that colour wouldn’t take to my hair (I asked her if they’d be able to bleach the hair, not colour it, I was fine being yellow for a while).

Second place would listen to a few things I’d say, tell me I’m incorrect then just tell me my hair would be damaged (ironically, her hair was fried)

By this point, I had decided I’d just bleach my hair myself, which also worried me because I’ve had god awful experiences doing it before due to being impatient (I’ve had hair fall out multiple times, basically),

This time I planned to do it differently and be careful with my hair as well as have a lot of patience with the process.

Using my 30vol developer and blue bleach powder I had left over, I applied it to my darkest areas (my midsections as I didn’t want my roots to develop faster than the rest) and to the ends of my hair, however I ran out of bleach and by the time I’d gotten to the ends my hair had developed at the mids, so I needed to remove it.


'fnovds (2).jpg
After first initial bleaching on mids



I then panicked as my roots were still my natural brown and my ends were still orange, however, my mids were a yellow colour, so I was really starting to look crazy.

In a panic, I remembered that I had bought some of Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde lightener which is able to lift up to 9 shades.

I applied this to the roots first and then the ends (as I thought they’d lighten faster since they were prebleached), this definitely didn’t go to plan as my roots did actually process but my ends lightened ever so slightly.

I’m yet to figure out if that was a product flaw or I just took too long when I was complaining that it wasn’t lifting at all for quite a while. (future update: I took too long)

I was eventually left with yellow roots and mids and then orange ends.


Mellow Yellow / Aggressive Yellow/ “I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW”



I realised by this point there was no point trying to lift the ends even more and risk extreme damage, so I left it at that point to give my hair time to recover as much as it possibly could before one more lightening process.


2 weeks later I decided to use the same product on my ends because I knew that it didn’t cause too much damage, this time I applied heat with a hairdryer to the bleach and it worked amazingly! I was finally evened out but still quite yellow even after purple shampoo and conditioner!

bu (2)

After that, I was all done!

Well, by the time this post has been written it is! Ironically the photo I’m showing in the thumbnail for this post makes my hair look orange (gotta love the Aden filter on Instagram) but it’s the same as the photo above! annnnnd I may be going back to black, wooops!

So, in the comments below tell me all about your hair achievements and horror stories, I love hearing both and we can definitely discuss the experiences!

All my love,


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