My Earlobe Reconstruction Experience

Hey loves!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’d have seen that I recently had my earlobe reconstruction! This post consists of the first-month post-op, but I’ll keep you updated of course!

Of course, a little disclaimer here is that you’ll be seeing my earlobe stitched up, it’s nothing too gory but I also find it gross enough to prewarn you, so that’s there.



About 4 weeks after I posted Goodbye Stretched Lobes I booked myself in for a consultation with a surgeon. I was surprised to hear that this was a surgery they avoid doing, so with this, I decided it’s best that I keep them anonymous.

The consultation was an absolutely wonderful experience, my surgeon explained every contraindication that could come up, how he’d be doing the surgery, how much pain I could be in and I also learnt about eyelifts…that was cool.

I was also told how much it would cost, and that’s around $800+ per ear, so this is definitely not a cheap fix.

My surgery was in 3 different sessions, one for my left ear and one for my right ear and then a reshaping on my left ear.



This part to me is actually super hazy, I was really tired that day so I ended up being half asleep laying on the table, but here’s what I do remember:

Once the day arrived it went super quick. I was reminded how the procedure would be done, my ear was prepared for the surgery, I was quickly numbed and the procedure began without me actually realising until I heard my earlobe being cut. The whole procedure took around 30-45 minutes. Once they were done, I was told all about how to take care of my ear and given some prescriptions, wrapped up,  and on my way home in no time!

However, the right ear didn’t go as planned and we had to decide between leaving the bottom of my earlobe (which was almost all scar tissue) and risk it falling off OR make my earlobe smaller and have one more surgery to fix it up.

After 3 weeks I had my left ear reshaped and it was as straightforward as the rest!



The one thing I was anxious about was the pain after surgery, however, it was more of a dull discomfort rather than a pain! I’ve also got a decent pain tolerance so it obviously may vary for someone else!

My left ears healing was really easy to handle, don’t get it wet and don’t pull the gauze off (…I did do that eventually)


Stitch removal.jpg

I’d never had stitches removed and my ears were healing a lot slower than we expected, for both of the first surgeries I waited 2 weeks before the stitches were removed and 1 week after the reshaping.


Now I’ll warn you the actual photos of my ear are below this text, you might even be able to see them already (I haven’t put them in while I’m writing this) I kept out the photo where I’m still on the table and also where I bled a lot but just a warning, you might find it gross!



These pretty much go in order! Before surgery, first surgery, second surgery and reshaping!

in closing

So would I recommend this? Absolutely! If it’s something you can afford and you’re sure you want to do it, I highly recommend it!

Chances are you won’t even need the reshaping surgery, mine was only because my lobe was so damaged, so if you’re nice and healthy you’ll be absolutely fine!


I hope this gave you some insight into my life for the past 4 weeks and why I’ve absolutely sucked at keeping up with content, but it should all be back to normal this week!

All my love,


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