The New The Sint Potet

Hey loves!

SO, I’ve been gone for a week and I’m hoping at least one of you missed me *hint hint*.

As you can probably tell, the blogs had a bit of a makeover, so I thought I’d address that in this post to ‘relaunch’ the blog since a lot has changed and a lot is missing!

If you follow me on twitter (which you should – follow me here) you’d have seen that I posted the following:

When this was originally written, as I said I was absolutely miserable since I’d attempted to change myself completely to be able to be ‘relatable’ or ‘likeable’. I quickly realised that this was never what the blog was about, it was about being something I can use as a creative outlet and also be able to voice my opinions on things.

So I decided to do exactly that, and this time be more of myself and let you all get to know me WAY better than before!

Instead of my god-awful DIY posts (actually, I kept one up because I genuinely love those stockings) where I try to make things more ‘glamorous’, I’m sticking to how I actually love to be, a little different in a way. I’ll obviously be keeping up with the makeup posts since that was what the blog was about all along, but expect some changes in the future!

I can’t wait to share this ‘new’ attempt at a blog with you all, I’ve got LOADS planned for the future and it’s gonna be a blast! Promise!

Lots (and lots) of love

Morgan-Anne x


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