Is ELF Ripping You Off? | The Primer Drama

I’ve seen it going around a lot on Facebook recently so I thought I’d give my little take on the “is it a rip-off or nah?” thing.

If you didn’t know already, there’s been a video/post about ELF primers being a ‘scam’ going around on facebook where a woman says that ELF is scamming you as they don’t hold the true amount of product in the bottle and that there’s a tiny container holding said product…

So, what’re my thoughts as a past user of these primers?


The ELF primers have an airless pump, which is the coloured bit that you see in the bottle! I can agree that the colour in the bottle is a bit deceptive, but it’s a matter of reading how much is in the product you’re buying and knowing how much you’ll use.

This primer is said to only contain 14g of product, which I thought wasn’t a lot (at all), but when I was looking into this I learned that although the packaging for an airless pump is actually quite bulky, you do get the actual amount on the bottle.

I’ve personally used this primer before and much to my displeasure (I really hate these primers, I’m sorry) it lasted me well over a month (actually longer) and I used quite a bit of it with each use, so if you’re using a pea-sized amount, you’ll definitely have this last longer, which for $16 AUD or $6 USD is really good…if you like the primer, anyway.

The Beauty News girls actually did a little investigation into this and said around 57 pumps were in this product…that’s actually quite a bit! (link to their video here)

Another person who investigated this was Jen Loves Reviews, and she actually pointed out how when people have done this experiment in their videos, they’ve had the stopper to the top, which dramatically changes the result (her video is here)

So do I think it’s a scam? Nope, there’s no deception whatsoever.

Okay, it’s a big bottle for the small amount of product, but as a consumer, you should be checking how much product you’re buying. If anything, I find the videos more deceptive than the product, however, as Jen said, there’s a chance these people had absolutely no idea this would affect their experiment.

There are LOADS of primers out there which don’t have an airless pump (I’ve been enjoying Too Faced’s Primed & Poreless) or if you do enjoy the ELF primer, there’s a larger one available so you can get more product!

I hope this helped clear up any confusion on the product because as soon as I saw it I thought it was ridiculous and felt it was necessary to write a post where I give my opinion!



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