Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette | Review

Hey there, sweet thang (get it? cause of chocolate? haha, I wish I was funny)

Today I’m finally reviewing a product that I’ve been meaning to for such a long time, but never really got around to! The Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette! Now, I’ll warn you in advance, you’ll probably see a few reviews on Too Faced products soon and that’s just because I’ve been buying more of their products recently compared to any others!

So let’s get into this review because I am so fricking excited about it.

I’ll put it out there right now that this is my first Too Faced eyeshadow palette and it’s got me absolutely hooked. I’ve been on a huge hunt for an amazing gold eyeshadow and I’ve most definitely found it in this palette. I’m sure you can tell by the name, but it smells delicious, which is worrying because I have a very sweet tooth.

There are two different formulas in this palette: foiled and matte.

I find the mattes blend like an absolute dream, in fact, I find they blend better than my Urban Decay shadows.

The foiled shadows were what surprised me. Although they obviously had some fall out (as you can see in the swatches below) they had an amazing payoff as well as stayed for a really long time without a primer or glitter glue underneath, which was something I never expected.

Left to Right: Rollin’ in Dough, Drippin’ Diamonds, Livin’ Lavish, Gold Dipped, Holla For A Dolla, So Boujee, Classy & Sassy, Famous, New Money, Old Money, Love & Cocoa, Decadent, Cocoa Truffle, Rich Girl, Chocolate Gold & Money Bags.

I applied these shadows with my Morphe M210 brush and no primer or base. Some shadows like Decadent and Cocoa Truffle needed a second pass for a bold colour, however, these are two shades I mostly blend out so I’m absolutely fine with having to build them up if needed.

My actual biggest complaint about this product is that every time I smell it I get hungry, but besides that and the fall-out in some shades, I can’t actually think of anything I could complain about!  Maybe the price, actually… I never thought I’d spend $71 (AUD) on an eyeshadow palette, but I think it was definitely worth the price!

Overall, I absolutely love this palette and I’m so glad I finally decided to spend a bit (ok a lot) more because this has just made me fall in love with Too Faced even more!



  1. Those colours are gorgeous – I’d seriously consider this palette. I feel like it includes a nice range of colours that aren’t that common (together) in one palette.


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