My (really damn lazy) Skincare Routine

Now I’d love to say this was highly requested, but this is something I actually wasn’t too sure about posting because let’s face it, I’m a pimple queen.

As of late, I decided it was time to get more into skincare, I’ve always done some of the few things I’ve mentioned, but never as a whole routine so I thought I’d share it with you all!

Some things I’ve actually recently run out of so I can’t photograph them (I’m sick as hell and have no intentions of leaving this house) BUT I’ll leave a link to them so you know exactly what ones I’m on about, ALSO I’ve got samples of some so they’re not in their original bottles, you’ll see which ones those are!

Anyway, let’s get into it!



This is actually the only product I use every day, I’m sure someone will tell me I need to use more, but just this on its own works absolute wonders!

As someone who’s a bit oily and very dry in certain spots, I needed to get something which would make my skin happy with me again, and this product is definitely a big part in it! Not only does this stuff smell absolutely delicious (like oranges!) it leaves my skin glowing like some kind of goddess. I use this stuff daily and it’s made a huge difference for me. Those dry patches I once had have gone, I have skin that feels absolutely beautiful and as well as that, it’s actually helped with my pimples quite a lot! If you’re sensitive to smells you may not like this product too much cause you’ll smell like a glass of orange juice, but honestly, I’m totally down for the smell…it’s incredible.

I quickly learnt that exfoliating near the eyes is a terrible idea, it burned, there were tears…just don’t do it.


originz (1).jpg


This wasn’t supposed to be a huge video, my bad.

Anyway, this is a product I use weekly. I apply it to the face (not the eyes, oh god not the eyes) and leave it to sit for 20 minutes. It has this kind of oily feel once it hits the skin and it feels amazing. I recommend not using a lot of product at once though, I’ve had it kind of feel like it was dripping down my face and that was terrifying seeing as it cost so much! After the 20 minutes is up I use a small amount of warm water and it turns into some kind of milky substance (don’t be nasty), leave that on for 2 minutes then remove it.

This is paired REALLY well with the Origins cleanser I use, I’m sure I’m probably over cleansing my skin with these, but the woman at Mecca said it’ll be fine and I forgot everything I learned in my skincare course, so I’m trusting her.

originz (2).jpg

Haven’t got a photo of this one since it was a sample, but you can find it here!


This is one of the products I ended up getting a couple of samples of because that price tag terrified me at first. This stuff is something I’m certain I’ll be purchasing next time I head to Mecca because I can understand the price tag attached to it.

This stuff makes my face look and feels like it’s a whole new one! Well, I still look like me, but you get what I mean. I use this when I’m getting ready for bed and by morning, I’m stood in front of the mirror touching my face because it feels so good! Also…it did give me a bit of a blue tint (which I thought was hilarious) obviously once you’ve washed your face there’s no colour so don’t worry, you won’t go to work looking blue after using it!

originz (3).jpg

Once again, a sample, so you can find the product here.

Once my face is dried off from removing Luna, I’ll apply Juno. Now I want to point out with both of these a little bit goes a long way, hence why I say that it’s worth the price (and the samples lasted so long!). Both of these oils don’t need a lot of product for you to have a difference in your skin. I use this when I’m having no makeup days (6 days a week) just like Luna, this stuff makes your skin look incredible and keeps it super hydrated, which is something I really needed!




These are more of a ‘whenever I need it’ kind of product because although these guys get those blackheads out, my skin is really, really unhappy after using them! That’s also why I haven’t got a recent photo (this is actually an image from an ooooold blog post I wrote when I started the blog).


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