Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment | Review

Hey babes!

As I mentioned in some previous posts, I decided to go to Mecca and buy a bunch of new makeup items to try, so I thought I’d include some reviews while I’m trying them out!

Today we’re talking about Nars Powermatte Lip pigment.

This was my first product from Nars and I must admit, I was highly impressed.
The pigment in this product is amazing, I can cover my lips completely with one dip into the product, which is something I LOVE! Not only that, it dries beautifully, feels like you’re wearing nothing and just looks gorgeous when it’s on!

But here’s the kicker.

This stuff spreads like crazy when you’re wearing it. I’m not sure if I’m glad or sad that I didn’t take a photo of the before and after when wearing this, it honestly looked like I spent ages snogging with the joker when actually I was drinking out of a can and a cup…

I could probably just avoid this by using a straw, but I think it’d look a bit peculiar when I’ve got a pint of beer and I’ve got a straw coming out of it…

The main reason I’m a bit peeved about this is the fact I paid $38 for it and I’ve got some Lime Crime Velvetines ($29) and NYX Liquid Suedes ($15) which do pretty much the same thing (besides the Liquid Suedes not drying) and don’t make me look like I’m a teenager who just had their first kiss…

So to close this review – do I think this product is worth it? Not really, no.

As much as I love the pigment, the feeling of it and just how it looks (at first), the fact it smears so much is actually why I won’t be buying one of these again, the bad outweighs the good for me in this case.



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