Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme | Review

Hey babes!

As someone with smaller lips and heavily considered getting lip injections, I wanted to really consider other alternatives before spending a lot of money for a small amount of size difference and mostly a smoother lip.

I’d heard a lot about this product and it was always 50/50, some would say it’s an absolute wonder and others would say that it does absolutely nothing except burn and make your lips look glossy, so I thought I’d try a lip plumper.

Back when I was about 13 I somehow ended up with one and it was incredible, unfortunately, I couldn’t find it for the next 9 years, so I decided to try out a new one!

And that’s how I ended up here!

I apologise for the photos, by the way, I’m currently packing so I’ve tried to multitask a little here!

Once I read some reviews on the product I decided I’d buy the mini version of the plumper (because that’s also pretty expensive) and got it for $20 on


My first impression of the plumper initially is that it definitely gives you that tingle, I wouldn’t say its unbearable but it’s definitely an uncomfortable feeling and I recommend not getting it in your mouth (so. much. regret.).


As you can see in the photo above, I’ve got more of a big bottom lip compared to my top lip which is smaller, it’s also asymmetrical and that really bugs me.

5 min

After 5 minutes with the first application, I didn’t notice much of a difference in my lips when it came to size, however, I noticed the plumper definitely increased blood flow to my lips since they had a darker pink tone to them compared to the before photo, they also were a lot more (obviously) plump than before, the creases in my lips weren’t as obvious as before.



After another 5 minutes and another application, things started to get evened out a bit more. I noticed my top lip was starting to slightly increase in size, obviously nothing like a Kylie Jenner transformation, but enough to notice that something slight was going on. I also thought that maybe the gloss was giving a more full effect so I removed it to check it out.

I noticed there was a slight difference in the before and after which is something that should be expected when using these products, even with the name ‘lip injections’ and ‘extreme’, there’s no way I’d go from my natural lips to extremely full, slightly unnatural looking lips (which I love, by the way, no hate here) with this product.

This stuff is also lasts really well, it fades gradually throughout a few hours so you won’t need to worry about touching up if you won’t be out for long (like me, anyway) so if you have the ability to give it a bit of a touch up after 4-5 hours, I think you’ll absolutely love this.

So, do I recommend it? Absolutely.

If you want plumping without the injections, spend the $40 odd dollars and try it out for yourself! It’s worth the money if you’re like me and wanting to get injections just for the slight plumping, you’re also saving like $350, so that’s a win.


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