Homely In Mysen | Norway Diaries

A few weeks ago I landed in Oslo & let me tell you, it’s been one hell of a time! Learning about Norway and experiencing it’s beautiful scenery is something I’m absolutely delighted to have done.

The place I’m highlighting today is Mysen, around 40 minutes from Oslo. I’ll also touch on the experience I had in a little cabin nearby, but I’m not too sure where it is!




I’ve never seen a town that just looks so homely and the first time I saw it I was completely amazed (although I couldn’t show it much with a massive toothache).
This place is beautiful.
The fields, the buildings, the nature, everything was able to blow me away with it’s beauty.

As I mentioned before, the beauty of the nature here is absolutely incredible. Finding things like weird berries (which I was informed I definitely should not eat) and pinecones was actually a huge highlight of this trip, maybe because it made me feel a little nostalgic or maybe it was because I felt so at home that I wanted to take it all in.


The location where the cabin in was also absolutely incredible. Just like Mysen, it was so amazing just to look at! We were pretty close to the water too, so after a bit of me thinking “Oooh, that bit of hill looks dangerous” I decided to go check it out, and it was absolutely worth it!


Where would you love to visit for a holiday?

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