Obsessed with Oslo | Norway Diaries

Now I’m back in Australia, I must admit I’ve been super negligent of the blog since I’ve been on vacation, but I kept in mind I needed to write all about the holiday when I got home!

Oslo was my main base for my vacation and let me tell you, I can’t wait to go back. As someone who usually can feel a bit anxious when I’m somewhere new, I immediately felt at home and was a bit surprised by it. I must admit the public transport was something I found a bit overwhelming but eventually, I got used to it and carried on with my days!

It’s a bit off topic, but I’ve noticed a lot of phallic types of statues & sculptures in Oslo, which always would make me giggle no matter what mood I was in.

I highly recommend going to the national gallery, especially if you want to see the Scream painting!

Everything in Oslo is truly beautiful and it’s an absolute shame for me to have not been able to photograph it more!

If you’re interested in more photos, feel free to follow me on Instagram @_morgananne



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