Loving Lazise | Holiday Diaries

After being in Norway (previous posts are here and here) my fiance and I travelled to Italy!

First stop was Lazise and let me tell you, it was absolutely beautiful.

The best way to describe Lazise is that it was more of a family holiday kind of place, although even at night the place was still buzzing, I noticed a lot of families were out and about which gave it a whole different atmosphere I can’t exactly explain.

We stayed in Casa Oreste which was gorgeous, and it was pretty central to everything, we managed to get through the town within a day and see everything, but it was fun to go back to certain places and relook at things!

One place I absolutely loved was the church, Parrocchia Santi Zenone E Martino. It was pretty much breathtaking to just look at, I highly recommend checking it out if you visit!

We also visited a winery, however, I can’t remember the name of it (though I think it’s Cantina Tollo), the wine there was absolutely gorgeous, plus loads of kitties!

The waterfront at Lazise was gorgeous, especially at night time. We spent every evening there for dinner and gelato, we also ended up with roses at one point too!

It definitely gets…messy at night with the swans nearby, so I recommend watching where you step when you’re there, but besides that, it’s absolutely incredible to go visit!

If you want to see more photos, feel free to follow me on instagram @_morganannne


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