Finding Your Perfect Foundation Shade | How To

As someone who’s worn foundation for years, I’ve been through the stage of my foundation being too dark and recently, way too light. Given I was pale from being a bit unwell for a while, it was time to actually go and get a new foundation which I know will match. So, now I’ve found my match, it’s time to help you too!



I think besides the obvious actual colour problem, undertones are something that can make a huge difference in your base even if the colour is correct, luckily it’s something which is really easy to figure out! All you need to do is look at your wrists and check out your veins!

Blue Veins – Neutral tone (both tones will be wearable)

Purple Veins – Cool tone

Green Veins – Warm tone

Jaw Test

A way I personally like to find my shade is by applying 3-4 closest to my skin tone on my jaw and not only comparing it to my neck but also the rest of my body.

This is because the sun doesn’t get to my neck as much as it does to my chest and rest of my body, so a foundation could match my neck but also be way lighter than the rest of me when I blend it down my neck.

When doing this make sure you’re in a well-lit area, preferably natural light as some stores light can make shades look quite different.

Find your closest colour by deducting each colour you find furthest from yours and you’ll eventually find it!



Make sure to research the foundations you’re looking to buy because sometimes a little thing called oxidization can occur! Although it isn’t usually too drastic, some foundations can go up multiple shades when oxidizing so you could have your perfect shade during application and a completely different one when you’re finished!


Finding A New Foundation Online

Lastly is more of a tip if you already have a perfect foundation shade from a brand, but if you’re buying online and want to try a new product, there are sites that’ll give you a shade match for different foundations based off of your current one!

I like to use Findation, all you need to do is find your brand from the list, product name and shade and it’ll tell you your matches!



Hope this helped! If you’ve got any recommendations, feel free to comment below! x


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