It’s Time For Change.

Originally I started this blog to focus on beauty, but I noticed over time that I’m distancing myself away from it more due to the fact the beauty community as a whole is tending to be a little negative in its own peculiar way. 

As well as that, in 11 days time I’m actually going back to Norway for 3 months, so a lot of my time will probably be focused on travelling and just settling into Norway, not so much spending hundreds of dollars/thousands of kroner on makeup (though I probably will buy some, let’s face it).

I think a common misconception with blogging is that it’s something that is going to be able to support itself, I definitely thought that after a year it’d be sustainable, but I’ve learned that’s really not the case. Trying to purchase hundreds of dollars/thousands of kroner worth of makeup is just not really possible when your ‘income’ (trust me, it’s not even an income at this point) is so low.

So, I’m absolutely continuing the blog but it’s to the point where I’m going to just post more of my life and travelling, so I guess more like an online diary of the sort?

I probably won’t actually post again until 2019, so I hope you all have great holidays and a wonderful new year and I’ll see you in 2019 for a new start!

All my love,

Morgan-Anne x


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