Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow kit | Review

As you would’ve seen in my last post, I was pretty excited to try some new products (well, new to me) and went into Kicks and picked up another glow kit.

I was pretty excited when I had written the post since I had such a good experience with the dream glow kit (which you can read about here) so I also had high expectations when it came to this one too!

I decided to buy a palette with more of a natural tone to them (compared to the dream glow kit) and the Sun Dipped palette looked waay too dark for how pale I am, so I definitely didn’t want to risk it.

Top to Bottom: Marshmallow, Gumdrop, Butterscotch & Starburst.

Each swatch was done with one finger swatch & no base.

Just like the last review of one of these palettes, they’re not going to be as harsh when you use them with a brush, but they can be built up!

These are absolutely gorgeous colours with just the right amount of pigment to give you the ability to have a natural shine or a blinding highlight. They’re not going to sink into your pores either, but obviously they might kind of make a pimple more noticeable (or a mole on your arm in my case).

I think the only actual problem I find with this palette is the price…which isn’t usually something I’d even usually bring up, but it kind of threw me off when I noticed this.

On the Kicks store this retails for 595kr, which is about $98, however I actually paid the same amount for the Dream Glow Kit, which has 2 more extra pans in it, so I’m not exactly sure how the pricing there makes sense, but I don’t think I’d probably purchase another 4 pan palette unless it’s something I absolutely fall in love with.

So, do I recommend this palette?

If you want a palette that has some great, more natural tones for your highlight I absolutely recommend it. However, if you’re also in Norway I probably recommend you shop around a bit to see if there’s a slightly lower price, since I had a look on the ABH website and there’s still a $5 difference.

What’s your favourite highlighter? Let me know in the comments!


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